CPL module is a 25 Hour Course of dual flight training which includes 10 hours of instrument instruction. The first 20 hours of the course are flown in a DA-40 aeroplane and the remaining 5 hours are flown on a DA-42 aeroplane. For holders of a valid IR (A) 10 hours of dual instrument instruction will be credited toward CPL (A) issue. At least 15 hours of dual visual instruction must be competed of which at least 5 hours must be in a DA-42.

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Hold a PPL (A ) Licence, issued in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago Convection with a MEP (A) rating.
  • Hold a valid medical certificate issued in accordance with Part-MED
  • Hold a night qualification or a night rating unless the relevant training is to be added to the CPL (A) course
  • Show evidence of language proficiency assessment of at least ICAO level 4
  • Show evidence of having successfully completed all of the required theoretical knowledge examinations at CPL or ATPL level

Have completed of at least 170 hours of flight time


3 Weeks (Weather Dependent)